Back to the Scribble Board with the Backgrounds

As I was not pleased with the results of the second round of 3 D tests, I
had to find another way of creating my backgrounds. Simply sticking some
painted textures onto a 3 D model just wasn’t enough.

This was also a good occasion for adapting my painting technique, as a lot
of friends to whom I had shown my early textures and object paintings had
noted that my elements looked more like being of concrete or stone rather
than metall.

I had seen a very cool picture on the web some time ago which had a very
interesting way of rendering surfaces with markers. Of course, I wouldn’t
use markers but watercolours instead. So I gave it a try and here is what I
came up with. This didn’t solve my 3 D problem, though, and I’ll come back
to that in a later post.

Texture test for animated science fiction short film Echoes

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