A Zombie on a Mission

Still from a Middle Ages Horror Shortfilm


In 2010 I had some time left and so I asked a friend of mine if he had an idea for a short film. I knew that he liked to write and I, on the other hand, didn’t want to write another script, as I was preparing other stuff.

I wanted to shoot a little short, maybe in two or three days, with limited resources. Something easy, I thought. Like a shooting practise. I had bought a new Canon EOS 5D and was eager to shoot something.

A week later Christoph called me back. “I got the perfect project for you”, he said.
He told me about Kendrick, a revenant in the Middle Ages who was seeking justice.

“Ok, you want to shoot a zombie thing?”, I asked.

“This is not a zombie, it’s a revenant!”, Christoph answered.

Back then I didn’t know what a revenant was: An undead, who still had some unfinished business on earth and was unable to die.

Christoph had written a spec script for some of our friends some time ago, but this project hadn’t gotten realized. So he suggested to shoot this pitch short film in order to get attention for a full length project.

“Ok, let’s shoot your revenant!” I didn’t know back then what this would mean. I had not read the script yet but I wanted to help him. When I finally read the script it was all there: Swords, fire, explosions, undead makeup. Explosion, eh? Oh, and did I mention the horses? This little shooting practice had grown somehow – and in a very fast way.

Coming up next: Preparing a Deadman’s Mission

3 responses to “A Zombie on a Mission

  1. Wow that sounds awesome!! I am trying hard to come up with a script for a internet TV show. I mage a movie in 2006 and it is getting good views on cell phones right now. So I wanna make a product for cell phones and Roku also.


  2. Welcome to my blog, Mormo! Glad you found me via Twitter 🙂 I usually use a free software from celtx.com to write my scipts. The mobile version does not support the index card systems (which help me alot when writing scirpts), though 😦 How many episodes do you want to produce?


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