Echoes´ first Background Animation Test

Below is a sample background animation clip for the sci-fi short film Echoes.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be doing several background paintings for every single shot in order to achieve the desired effect.

In this test animation there are some issues with the walls on the left as well as with the ground, but the overall workflow worked out well we wanted to deal with the details later.

The rendering was done by my buddy, Erwin, who unfortunately had to leave the project because the workload on his daytime job had increased immensely. Nonetheless: Thank you very much for your help, Erwin! 🙂

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about it! Or drop me a line on Twitter!

4 responses to “Echoes´ first Background Animation Test

  1. What software are you using for the 3D part? I love the idea of texturing painted walls. Great technique.


  2. my friend did the rendering in Cinema 4D and we will be frontprojecting the images. Old school technique in new clothes. But it works will any 3D programm, I guess 🙂


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