Finding Victims for the Wendigo

I was looking for a faster way to previsualize my full length horror movie The Wendigo Effect.

Especially, because I know that I will have to do the whole preparation for the film on shaky trainrides 🙂
So I thought, that I had to get away from the naturalistic look, getting more simplified. I wanted to get more cartoony. This would safe time and let me concentrate on the story. For example: I would not get distracted with drawing beautiful hair for the female characters. …I love drawing hair.

face scribble by John Brito, test for graphic novel


So I started experimenting with different levels of details, different eye-positions, round faces, long foreheads…
Of course, the eyes were off sometimes, but who cares. You gotta allow yourself to make mistakes.





So, after lots of train rides I came up with this simplified manner of drawing faces. Let me know what you think of it in the comments 🙂

face scribble by John Brito, test for graphic novel


Oh, and a BIG THANKYOU to all those who shared the last article about Nostromo. I really appreciate it!

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