Sketching Psychos in the Metro

I am still in postproduction with my science fiction short film Echoes. And as there is nothing at the moment I can do for Echoes on my train rides (I need to work on a computer with several CPUs for the 3D stuff), I keep developing a visual grammar for my pevisuals (aka storyboards) as well as something that might be become a graphic novel one day.

As I mentioned before, it has to be a style that allows me to draw fast, even when I don’t have the luxury of working on a table but on sometimes extremely shaky trains and metros, sitting in train stations or waiting for the underground to arrive. Drawing in a crowded underground is the most uncomfortable way draw for me so far. But it’s also fun to see the reactions from especially older people when they peek into my sketchbook, which might usually be something like:

Oh, there’s somebody drawing…..

Maybe he’s an artists…..

Hm, lets take a peek….

Ah, I got to get closer, I can’t see anything…

Oh, he noticed me…

Yes, this handle over there is extremely interesting….

I’ve never seen such an interesting handle. I got to inspect it more deeply….

He’ drawing again… I gotta move closer…

Then I usually let people have a look into my sketchbook, even if most of it is just trash. Sometimes I hand them over my little book so that they can browse in it.
And then their faces change to something like:

Oh my god, what’s that? What’s wrong with him? Ok, ok, I’ve seen enough, lets give that book back and get the fuck away from here.

Below you can see a page from my actual sketchbook picturing some not so nasty characters.

horror graphic novel comic sketch by John Brito

5 responses to “Sketching Psychos in the Metro

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  2. Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it. And I guess I’ll do some more bloody sketches on my next metro rides. Gotta get into teh right mood for a graphic novel. And I just love scaring bystanders :)))


  3. There’s something creepy about just leaving a nose off of a face…I’m mean creepy in a good way for the genre of art you do, John. For instance, I’m thinking of the Lord Voldemort character in one of the Harry Potter movies. Anyway, love your work!!!


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