Finalising Eden

preview of 3D animation of the Garden of Eden
If you have not seen the previous two posts about the concept stage of this animation, you can take a look at them here:

Part 1: Creating the Garden of Eden

Part 2: First Views of the Garden of Eden

After doing some test renderings, I was ready to render a low quality version of the animation, which looked like this:

The client suggested a scene with a lot of colorful flowers and a warmer feeling. So I had to redo the whole scene again.

When you research how paradise is pictured in art and photography you find a broad variety of setups ranging from romantic paintings to beaches in Jamaica or Hawaii.
I guess that everybody has another vision of what the Garden of Eden looks like.

So I threw this all together and, including the client’s feedbacks, created this:

The client was very happy with it and it was used in portrait format online banners.

There were additional animations, showing flowers growing out of a website (in this case MSN), which had to be finished in one day, because we were running out of time. Due to the marketer’s restrictions, those animations were not allowed to be longer than 15 seconds. Below is a still from that 3d animation:

growing 3d plant animation

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