Recycling Airlocks

As it became clear that I needed to use 3D animation techniques to create some of the background animations for Echoes, I had to design some 3D assets like corridors, doors, bridges and space ships.

science fiction short film concept design of an air lock

People always think “oh, they are using 3D; that’s fast”. They are wrong. It actually takes a lot of work to get it right.

To save time, I used a concept design I made some time ago for one of my next projects, the full length film The Wendigo Effect.
Maybe you have seen the finished model in this earlier post. So this is where the design for this lock came from.

It is a huge room with tubes were – in the initial script – the characters from “The Wendigo Effect” are fleeing from something and some really nasty things happen here.

It came out that I had made a mistake with this lock. It didn’t have a glass window, which I needed to tell the story. A problem on one side is a possibility or good luck on the other side. As I needed a lock without a window for “Echoes”, it was perfect for my animated short film.

Rule #1 in guerilla filmmaking: Recycle whatever you can! 🙂

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