Preparing a Web Series

horror webseries episode 1
I am currently busy preparing the production of my horror / sci-fi / fantasy short film series which I will publish for free on the internet.

My crew is nearly complete and everything is running full steam ahead as we will shoot the first episode this November already!
Below is a scan from my sketchbook where you can see a part of the storyboard I did for this first episode.

horror short film webseries episode 1

More to come 🙂
In the meantime, you can check out my facebook page, where I´ll be posting updates on this series.

10 responses to “Preparing a Web Series

    • Thank you 🙂 I usually draw from memory, but sometimes, as a freelancer I used some foto references
      when I did not know what a special item looked like. I did all the sketches above without reference, except for the meat chopper.


  1. exciting news it seems. Hope it goes well for you, and can’t wait to hopefully see this up on the Internet. I love horror and sci fi like The Thing which is my all time favourite in that genre.


    • Oh, yes, The Thing is just great! I am a big fan of John Carpenter 🙂 And I will post the episodes on youtube. We will start small, though. The firsts episodes will be just about 2 to 4 minutes long…


  2. Fan of his work too. Wrote about Halloween he made on my blog. Its small but a great one im sure it’ll be. hopefully ill be around to see it. All the best with the webseries.


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