Creative Reinforcement from Argentina


Earlier this year, the extremely talented concept designer Juan Parabere joined the creative team behind my animated science fiction short film, Echoes.

Juan was born in Argentina and moved to Spain some years ago. Juan has a technical background, he is an architect constructing bridges, industrial sites and vast buildings in Spain and Italy. Currently, he is leading a team of designers in a big construction company in London.

Starting from some designs I did at a very early stage, Juan quickly realized, that the front part of the Mega Structure (a term I borrowed from Tsutomu Nihei, whom I admire a lot) needed to be – structured.


Juan has a great vision, so I knew, that he was perfect for the job. It was a great pleasure working with him, as he immediately understood what the Mega Structure was about. And he is a great craftsman, too.

Below is a pre-final version of one of the locations from Echoes. The amount of detail he put into this is crazy. Oh, and Juan did most of the designs on paper (!).


Among other pojects, Juan is currently working on a comic book music video called “Destroyed by War”. Below, you can see a sneek peek of things to come.


In one of my next posts, I will publish an interview with Juan, who will give you some insights into his creation process. Stay tuned. 🙂

In the meantime, check out his designs on

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