What happened to the Graphic Novel?

graphic novel VS webseries by John Brito

Deciding to do something is always deciding not to do something else, as I wrote my last post.
Since I was a teenager, I have always wanted to create a long lasting comic story, or a webcomic. I love the medium and the possibilities a comic gives you as a storyteller and a creator.

The problem is, I am currently also working on a short film as well as my horror/science fiction/fantasy webseries called “What Lurks In The Dark”(working title). This, and my blog takes all the time I spend on the train (If you are a returning reader, you might already know, that all the “spare time” I got to do my unpaid projects are during my daily train rides to and from my job.)

So I had to make a tough decision: As I do not have enough time to do all the things I’d love to do, I had to leave one project behind. And this would be my graphic novel. It is sad, but otherwise I could never finish my other pet projects I am currently working on. Apart from that, I had to learn, that not everything can be done on a train. Drawing a high amount of fine, perfectly curved lines at a fast pace is near to impossible on a shaky train 😦

But I’ve got good news as well. My horror/sci-fi/fantasy webseries is coming together really well! I do not know why, but it was extremely easy to get my crew together and start shooting. I only need one more shot and episode 1, which is called “The Cellar”, will be ready to be edited. Below is a still photography from the set of episode 1.

What are your experiences? What are the things you had to leave behind in order to do what you wanted to do the most and how did everything turn out at the end? Leave a comment below if you like 🙂

graphic novel VS webseries by John Brito

9 responses to “What happened to the Graphic Novel?

  1. What an interesting post, John. I’ve balanced so much in the last few years, and in order to pursue my writing and translating (which I love all to pieces) I simply had to give up teaching. I love teaching and, in my humble opinion, I’m a good teacher. However, grading quizzes and essays every night just did not leave me enough time for writing … so I made a painful but (ultimately) correct decision. Gosh … I do like you, Creator of Worlds !


    • Thank you, Luke. I think, that if it feels right for you, then it was right. And I would not look back to what you have lost, but concentrate on what you got instead – just as you are doing it 🙂 by the way: I was a teacher, too. But this was another life :)))


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