Release Date for Nostromo?

postapocalyptic science fiction indie film Nostromo nearing its release date

Nostromo, our surreal science fiction no budget film (directed by Georg Schilcher), might already be released in May 2014. There are still some postproduction tasks to be completed – which always take very long on no budget films 🙂  – and the cinema has not confirmed the slot yet.

But everything seems to be running fine.

I wish I could tell more about this right now, but I´ll keep you updated! 🙂

6 responses to “Release Date for Nostromo?

    • thank you very much, Nate. When I asked Georg, the director, what his next film will be he said something like ” naaa, there won’t be another” … but on the other side he tells that everytime he finishes one of his no budget films :)))) It was a great experience, though and the good thing is it will be available for free.


  1. This film looks amazing! What’s the latest word? I know a few festivals in Buffalo, NY that would love to screen this!


    • Hey, that sounds cool. 🙂 I haven’t talked to the director, Georg, lately, but the premiere will be in Vienna in a theater to which he only invited crew members. He forbid me fo post where it is going to be 🙂 But I got good news as well: the film will be available for free on the internet, free to share on diverse platforms, as he doesn’t want to make any money of it.
      I will ask him, if and when there will be a version with english subtitles (the film is in german) and I could send you a copy of the DVD soon as it is finished ( so you can see if it is of interest for the festivals)… might just take some more months, as everbody is working for free on the film 🙂


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