Looking At The Sky – Stoppped By Cops


Last autumn I had a really hard day at my daytime job as an animator.
I came home and was just too tired to do anything else than staring into the air. So I went out and I had luck – it was just this golden hour when the chances from one minute to another and everything is covered with warm yellow, ochre and magenta. I wanted to see that sky – without any building standing in the way.

So I walked towards the fields that surround the village I live in. I had to hurry, as the colours were changing every five minutes and I wanted to see those beautiful vanilla clouds!

When I finally reached the border of the village the sky had nearly passed this golden hour. But I still got a glimpse of what had been and admired those fascinating colour ranges. Taking pictures wouldn´t have made justice to those warm washes so I did the only that felt right at this moment. I was staring at the clouds.

I was standing on a field nearby the country road that leads to the next village while cars passed by. Among them a police car.

I stood there for nearly half an hour. Then the light vanished.

So I wanted to walk back, when suddenly a police car stopped in a very harsh way in front of me – blocking my path.

Policeman 1: “Please stop, Mister!” the older policeman said.

Policeman 1: “Can we help you?!”

John: “No thank you.”

I was really tired by then, not caring whether they’d arrest me.

PM1: “What´s your name?! Where are your papers?!”

I handed over my papers.

PM1: “What are you doing here?”

J: “I´m watching the clouds.”

PM1: “What?”

J: “I´m watching the colours.”

PM1: “Where are you from?!”

J: “I live here. 25 minutes from here by foot.”

I was really thinking about asking the officer if they wanted to give me a ride home, but maybe that wouln´t have helped my situation.

PM1: “So you are from here?”

He obviously wasn´t sure what to do with this sky-staring, dark haired lunatic (dark haired people are not very well received in the country I live in, especially if their skin tone is something else than pale-white).

J: “Is it that strange that somebody watches the sky?”

PM1: “Well, It´s not normal!”

Then I decided to let them off the hook.

J: “Maybe I should mention that I´m an artist.”

PM1: “Oh, ok…”

J: “I had a really tough day at the office and I just..”

PM1: “Ah, it´s ok, it´s ok…”

J: “No wait, I can give you my business card.”

PM1: “Not necessary.”

J: “No, no, wait… I got to have to have it here… Somewhere…”

If this guy is stealing my time, I´ll steal his.

PM1: “It´s ok, it´s ok…”

J: “Wait. I´ll find it.”

PM1: “No, thanks…”

The officer wanted to move on, giving the young police officer (PM2) a sign to start the engine.

PM2: “You are an artist? Do you have an exhibition anywhere?” The second and nicer police officer asked.

J: “No, unfortunatelly not, but I´ve got a blog” I handed over my business card to the first officer. “Wait I´ll see, if I can find another…”

PM1: “Ok, thanks.”

J to PM2: “I´m sorry, I don´t have another business card, but you can have a look at my website and my blog.”

I leaned into the window of PM1, took his card and pointed onto the two URLs.

J: “Here you can see some illustrations and storyboards I make…”

PM1 to PM2: “Drive. Now.”

J: “And I make films in my spare time. Wait. I do science fiction short films….AND I´M WORKING ON A GRAPHIC NOVEL…”

But the car was already on its way…

New friends.

12 responses to “Looking At The Sky – Stoppped By Cops

  1. You don’t realize how good you have it until you realize that other people in the world have to show their papers to the police just for looking at the sky. Where I live, the police would just assume you were stoned and ignore you.


    • LOL :). the police is actually not that bad, they act just a bit strange sometimes. Maybe they thought I was checking the possibilities to steal the whole corn field 🙂


      • You have no idea how often this has happened (and now worst with the TSA) to me in the USA and for same reasons of hair and skin colors!


      • really? that’s a shame. we also have a high percentage of passive and minor active rassist people 😦 but whith time you learn to cope with that. I try not to be that angry and try to see the funny part if it. Once, in a shop, I walked around for more than half an hour when I noticed, that two of the clerks where following every step of me. I used to have an iroquois haircut and a knee long black leather coat back then :))))


  2. I like how you handled that, and ‘if they can waste my time, I’ll waste theirs.’ haha!

    And the importance of enjoying the present! Just stand still and enjoy what’s in front of us in that moment before the moment slips away, and less about trying to capture it with my camera. Your appreciating the clouds is a good reminder of that.


  3. Aw, this made me smile. I love watching the sunrise, if im up at a certain hour and also the clouds wash over the full moon at night. I may look like a crazy girl, but beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder. P.s love your sketches as I’ve previously mentioned. Hope the sci- fi webseries is going well too.


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