My Web Series Has Finally A Name

horror sci-fi fantasy webseries Shadows of Prey by John Brito

As I mentioned in this post, I had some problems with the name I had chosen for my web series. Among others, Servet Dean Sari, who gave some very helpful feedback on the branding of my web series, hated the name.

It went like:

“Servet, I finally got a name for my series!”

“What is it?”

“Do you wanna guess? Come on, guess the name!”


“Ok, it´s … What lurks in the dark.”

“What lurks in the dark. Maybe you should think about it again.”

“What´s wrong with it? It´s cool.”

“Nah, it´s too long. Look, John, you need something with a maximum of three words. Two would be better. People should not feel stupid when they name your web series to their friends…”

“I would say something like …´Hey check out whatlurksinthedark!´”

“I´m just telling you, John…”

So after I finally had found a name for my web series (after two months) I had to look for another name.

So I came up with things like:

  • Calabria
  • Ostium
  • Abellinum
  • Angel´s Blood
  • Other lives
  • Dreams of a Faun
  • The devil´s Candleshop
  • Dreams of a Centaur (don´t ask)
  • Found Stories

And these were the good ones. There were dozens of other names I want to spare you 🙂

But none of it seemed to fit the character of my web series. I wanted something, that sounds cool and tells a story. Something I´d like to hear when I wanted my mind to get kickstarted, if I heard of it the very first time. And something that kickstarted my imagination, when I was writing the next episode´s script.


…the name of my webseries is…

…here it comes:

Shadows of Prey


PS: Ever heard of birds of prey? We have shadows of prey 🙂

8 responses to “My Web Series Has Finally A Name

  1. Hi John!
    I prefer “The devil´s Candleshop”…”Shadows of Prey” sound like videogame, and it’s very close to “100 shadows of grey”


    • I liked “The devil’s candleshop”, a lot, too. This and “Dreams of a Centaur”. But the first would have suggested, that thes eries is about horror only, and the other would have sounded like a fantasy only series… Tough decision :))


  2. I really like The Devil’s Candleshop and could see curious minds wanting to find out more about this site, or if you want to keep the word shadow in the title and it’s not already owned my someone else, how about The Shadow Eaters. I’m feeling for you, because sometimes finding the right title is harder than the work itself. Been there; done that. But in the end, this is your baby. Trust your gut


    • Hm, thee seems to be something about “The Devil’s Candleshop”, maybe I should keep in in mind for another project still to be realised 🙂 And yes, finding the right name is extremely tough. But the reason I liked “Shadows of prey” was that I was imagining smoke/shadow- creatures with large sharp teeth :))


  3. I think people like The Devil’s Candleshop because (to me), it sounds quaint yet errie, as its filled with mystery behind these words, but no doubt, you know what you want for your project and happy for you. The name still works and I like it.


    • Thank you very much 🙂 Maybe when the motion graphics for the intro are finished people might see why I decided to go with “Shadows of Prey” :))) wish I could spend more time doing the designs, but I gotta use the time I have.


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