The ABC Award: Awesome Blog Content Award

The ABC Award: Awesome Blog Content Award

Thank you very much, James, for nominating me for the Awesome Blog Award. I feel very honored being featured in your list.

For those who have never heard of the ABC Award:
It´s very simple: To accept the award you download the image from the blogger who gave you the award and post it on your blog.

Then you write something about yourself – one bit of information for each letter of the alphabet.

Next, you name the blogs you would like to nominate.

Here is my alphabeth. Enjoy 🙂
A – Addicted to creating things.
B – Beyond the Black Rainbow (Panos Cosmatos) is a film I want to see.
C – Chilean are my roots.
D – Drawing feels for me as natural as speaking.
E – Europe is where I live.
F – Filmmaking is my passion.
G – Gentle.
H – Homer, the greek one.
I – Intuitive.
J – John Carpenter was one of the most influential filmmakers during my childhood; back then I just didn´t know all those cool films where from the same creator 🙂
K – Killer Klowns from Outer Space – I loved it as a kid.
L – Lurking in the shadows are most of the creatures that are sitting in the back of my mind, telling me what to draw.
M – Miniature building is another passion of mine.
N – Never loose the child inside of you.
O – Oblivion is the kind of movie I’m gonna do some day.
P – Policemen tend to get irritated when they see me watching the sky for longer than 20 minutes (no shit).
R – Ridley Scott is one of the directors I admire most.
S – Storyboards created by director Ridley Scott are the ones I admire most.
T – Talk to strangers very easily 🙂
U – Underworld was the reason I stopped working on a 5-season comic series called 3rd Chance back in the 90ies.
V – V: One of my favourite tv series when I was a kid.
W – Writing is among the things I enjoy most when I create a short film.
X – X-Files was one of my favourite tv series when I was a teenager.
Y – Yukon
Z – Z was a PC game I played to death in the 90ies, but it sucks on the iPad.

And here are my nominations:
A Tolkienist´s Perspective – Any Questions about Tolkien´s Books?
Paul Risker @ Hey U Guys – Very interesting movie articles and interviews
Sci-Fi Jubilee – Awesome Film Reviewer
Elemental Reviews – Awesome Film Reviewer
Orijinalchris – A great artist´s work online
Global Art Junkie – Very inspriring art stuff from around the world
Jack’s Film Reviews – Micro film reviews: Your place when you want to read film reviews, but have only little time.

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