About Knautbolds´ Lives

Knautbold fairy illustration out of director John Brito´s sketchbook

In two previous posts (The Knautbold and A Phran´s Life Cycle) I mentioned my little fairies called Knautbolds. But what exactly are those little fellas?

Knautbolds live mainly in the woods as well as tundras of Europe and grow up to anywhere between 10 and 15 cm. They are furry little critters with naked hands and ears similar to those of squirrels or rabbits – depending on the tribe they come from.

Knautbolds are usually not very handsome and they are grumpy as hell. But most of them seem to have the heart on the right spot. I can’t tell for sure, because they avoid contact with humans whenever possible.

But the one thing Knautbolds hate even more than a human is a Phran.

By nature, Knautbolds do not procreate very often. In fact, their offsprings are their most precious treasures. Ages ago, when big colonies of Knautbolds prospered in the deep woods of Northern Europe – below as well as above the ground – a voracious horde of Phrans haunted the hives of Knautbolds. Knautbold dreams are the sweetest. If you are a returning reader you might already know: Phrans feed on the dreams of their victims.

Thousands of the Knaubolds’ youngest died by the Phran attacts, leaving behind a culture of determined little survivalists, especialising in hiding their hives and fighting Phrans.

Since this time, hives of Knautbolds are extremely hard to find and never exceed a certain size of population.

Below is a picture of a so-called Long Ear Knautbold. Sorry for the bad quality of the image, I had to take a photograph. The next updates will have scanned pages again 🙂

Knautbold fairy illustration out of director John Brito´s sketchbook

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