How is “The Cellar” Going?

The three months period in which I did not commute is over, which means that I have – again – the time to work on my projects during my train rides to and from my job.

If you remember, I initially wanted to have the first episode (“The Cellar“) of my horror / science fiction / fantasy web series finished by february, but I did not make it for an obvious reason: I underestimated how much work I can get done on my obligatory train rides, and how much these working hours would be missed.

creating a horror web series on the train

So I am back on the road again and there is no time to take a break. Retro Wave genius Magnus Sellergren is working on the track for the intro sequence while musical multitalent Manuel Fresser is composing the soundtrack for the film. I’ve also found the composer for episode 3 already, but more on this in a later post. 🙂

Sound editor Alexander Koeck had a look at my initial edit of episode 1 and had some suggestions to make it a lot edgier, cutting away unnecessary seconds. I really liked what he made out of my initial cut and re-edited the short film to incorporate most of his suggestions.

I also – finally – finished painting all illustrations I needed to create the intro sequence. There is still some little picture editing stuff to make, though. Oops, and I still got to create the web series website!

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