First Look At The Shadows of Prey Intro

I am working full steam on finishing the first episode of the horror / science fiction / fantasy web series Shadows of Prey and in order give the project a boost and get faster to the finish line, I asked Adam Tubak, a colleague of mine, if he wanted to help me out with the animation of the visuals of the intro.

concept test for horro web series with demon illustration

I was very happy to have him on board. If I am fast with doing storyboards – he is really fast with creating motion graphics! After a quick briefing he came up with an animation test and I am very happy with the result. These are of course just the first seconds and there are some things that will be changed, but you can get a feeling of where it is going. There are still some surprises which I do not want to spoil at the moment, so stay tuned! 🙂

By the way: The sound you are hearing is by Retro Wave wizard Magnus Sellergren. Check out his other tracks on his Soundcloud!

Wanna see more? Check out these two posts with some work-in-progress-pictures, right out of my sketchbook:
Working In A Cellar
First Concept For Intro Animation

10 responses to “First Look At The Shadows of Prey Intro

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    • Thank you, Illustratornate. I hope to finish everything within one month or so. Hard to say with a no-budget project. Wouldn´t have believed how much work goes into creating something that is just 4 minutes long :)))


  2. Aw wow. It looks so beautiful. The artwork and calligraphy of the smoky black that fades onto the screen. It’s a great beginning for more to come.


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