Making Films. Why Would Somebody Do That?

Shooting independent films

Indie Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, source:

One question I get asked quite often is: Why would somebody do that? Why would somebody want to shoot a film?

Even if it is a short film, it means hours and hours of preparation. Writing scripts, rewriting them. Polishing the dialogues. Getting your crew together, trying to find out who is really into it and reliable. Spending hours on a train or on a desk to draw all the camera angles needed, meeting a lot of people, finding a common sense. Going sometimes the hard way and insisting and motivating to get things done the way you want to see them on the screen. Figuring out new ways of doing stuff if something unforeseen happens. (I’ve got to admit, though, that I’ve always been very lucky with my crews. Whomever I have worked with, nearly all of them had this strong will to create something. This is a gift, I am always looking for in a person’s character.)

Also, spending a lot of money you will never recoup (yes, also a no budget film costs money – for catering, materials, fuel) is part of the job description and having a lot of nights with far away from enough sleep.
And after having survived the shoot the hardest part of it all is still waiting for you: Postproduction!

So, why would somebody want to do that?

Simply because I have to. Because I just have to create stuff. And what bigger challenge could there be than creating the world of a film or movie?
I think, that you’ve got to identify the one (or two) thing(s) you really want to do in your life and then simply go for it. Things worth doing are always bound to big effords.

And the second and main reason is the reward you get, when you do it.
Which is: Doing it! 🙂

2 responses to “Making Films. Why Would Somebody Do That?

  1. I like your answer to that question. You don’t really have a choice, you’re hard-wired to tell stories. Actually, I really wonder about people who DON’T engage themselves in big projects. What do they do with themselves?
    Great post! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labors, hopefully soon!


    • Well, I guess I just am that way.I don’t know, I don’t think, that everybody has to have extremely big dreams to have a mission in their lives 🙂 Even things, others might see as something tiny is worth going for it, if it is what you really want to do. Hm, maybe a politician with a great vision might see creatings films as a great waste of time :)))) I care for it an because of that I have to do it 🙂


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