Fairy: An Eye Witness’ Story

fairy tale micro story

I once had a conversation with a Mantral

-“How old are you?
-“1.100 years, I think.”

-“What is the saddest thing you’ve ever seen?
-“When I was still a young Mantral I met a Knautbold who was fighting a Phran. But the Phran was too strong…
When the Knautbold realized, that he did not stand a chance it dragged the Phran with it to death.”

-“Why did the Knautbold fight the Phran?
-“It wanted to protect a young boy.”

-“Who was this young boy?

fairy tale micro story

This was not the first time I heard of a Knautbold fighting a Phran. But it was the first time I heard of a Knautbold´s ability to drag an opponent with it – while it was dying.

The little one must have been very desperate.

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