Fairy: The Little Lion

the little lion - a fairy creature

Once, I heard a little girl talk to her father.

-“Papa, there is a little lion standing in the corridor.”
-“It´s ok, baby-doll.”
-“But there is a lion…”
-“Ok, tell him not to pee on the floor…”
-“Ok, daddy!”

the little lion - a fairy creature

When I visited this girls´ family – friends of mine – she was three years old and her brother was about one year old, I guess.

We were having lunch and I was sitting next to the little boy. He suddenly turned to his right and pointed to a corner in the kitchen with his little fingers. I turned around, but I couldn´t see what had captured his attention. The little boy kept pointing to the same corner several times. He did not seem to be scared, there was just something that interested him a great deal.

Later, I learned that the familiy kept a little bucket with organic waste in the corner the boy was pointing at. It seems that the little lion – this is the name the girl has given the fairy – kept coming back to this spot to feed.

the little lion - a fairy creature

By the way: The autograph on the right page is by horror film director Dario Argento who, among other things, became famous for his Giallo movies and the surreal horror film Suspiria (1977) which is still unique for its lighting. I met him on Slash Film Festival earlier this year and he did me the honor of signing my sketchbook. 🙂

autograph by Dario Argento

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