The Art of Never Giving Up

never giving up

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Let’s face it – working in the artistic field, or trying to break into this business is tough.

But it is not impossible.

The first thing you need is setting your goal (check out this blog post if you haven’t read it yet). Otherwise you can get distracted easily by all those other things that interest you. Then you have to find a way of reaching your goal.

And then you simply start doing it.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

The hard part is when obstacles arrive, when things do not go they way you want them to. When people you relied on fail you, when an important part of your infrastructure (like your studio or working place) breaks away for whatever reason. The list goes on endlessly.

But these are exact the moments when you are being tested. All things worth doing are never easy.

If you really want to reach your goal, you have to stay focused on the end result, not the obstacles.

I think, that this is important. That´s why I will write it again:

Focus on the end result!

Something throws you back three or four months? Ok, that is depressing, but being pitty with yourself does not help your situation. Find a way to cope with the new situation, follow the accommodated route, move on. There is another problem? Sit down, think how to overcome it, move on.

I had been sick for about 5 weeks in a row and when I was ready to go to work again I was faced with a huge construction site on the railway connection I commute two times a day to get to the office. This meant, that I had to use a bus (which was even more shaky than the train) for the following 1 1/2 months and therefore I was be unable to work on my short film series, Shadows of Prey.

If you are are a returning reader you might already guess what disaster this meant for my workflow, which heavily relies on my ten train rides a week. I get done nearly all of my work for Shadows of Prey on these train rides – and now this possibility was gone. To be honest, this was really devastating for me. At first, I lost five weeks because I was sick and now this.

But it is no good to let yourself get broken nor even slowed down. So, after trying out a lot of different stuff, I was doing the only thing that was left which could be done on a even more shaky bus – which was typing!

I used the time to write my blog posts, and prepare some scripts for the next episodes. I had even tried to write down notes for my storylines in my sketchbook, but it ended in damaging the tips of the fine pens I use because of the bumps and jumps the bus made during the rides.
And after some weeks I became accustomed to the rhythm and fastly changing frequency of the bumps and managed to get some rough sketches together, which I will ink as soon as I´ll be sitting on the train again.

There is always a way to move forward, you just have to find it.

Do you want to share your experience with others? What are the things standing between you and your dreams and how do you overcome them? Feel free to leave a comment below!

4 responses to “The Art of Never Giving Up

  1. I find plain, tedious poverty is probably my biggest obstacle. Wild self-doubt rears its head too often, too, but I expect most people have that problem, whatever path they’re following.

    A lot of your art is wonderfully nightmarish! Lovely.


    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you like my stuff. And I too had a time when I was that broke, that would have lost my apartment if a close friend of mine hadn’t borrowed me some money. It was a tough time and there was little energy left to think about other things that getting my bills paid. On the other side, doing my stuff was also my biggest escape. And even if I did not see it back then, I’ve learnt a lot about myself (and money) in this time. I endet doing night shifts in a below zero degrees packaging facility for vegetables and fruits and had to learn to life on a extremely limited budget (which helps me now, when I do my no budget short films). Slowly, my situation changed and I wish you, that your situation will get better soon, Julie. By the way: You’ve got an impressive body of work 🙂


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