Sneak Preview And Release Date For “The Cellar”

sneak preview of the horror short film The Cellar by John Brito
It’s finally done! The first episode (“The Cellar”) of my horror / science fiction / fantasy webseries Shadows of Prey is finished and I have done all the renderings to publish it 🙂

The Cellar came out something about 5 minutes, though if you take away the intro animation and the credits the film itself is about 2 minutes long.

All the episodes of Shadows of Prey will not be related one to another, giving me the freedom to create something totally different in each episode.

So when can you see this first episode?
I will release it on Friday, 26th of October 2014, and will announce the video link here in the blog.

But if you have a blog and think about reviewing the episode you can see the episode beforehand! Just send me a short email to with the link to your blog and the title “reviewer” and I’ll provide you access to the sneak preview.
Yes, you’ve read right, you can see the whole 2 (5) minutes of the film beforehand! 😉

And to all the others: Just stay tuned 🙂

And once the episode has been published, I will put a link to your review here on my blog.
I´ve uploaded a downloads section with some media for bloggers and goodies for people who just like my stuff (I´ve been asked several times if I can provide some high res scans of my sketchbook pages for example).

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