Preparing Episode 3

thumbnail horror short film masked man by John Brito

Last weekend I started preparing episode 3 of my horror / sci-fi / fantasy web series Shadows of Prey. With episode 1 being finished, there is no time to have a break. I had written the script at the end of the last year already, so now I had to visualize how the film will look like.

Wait, episode 3? What about episode 2?
I am perapring both at the same time and also will produce them within the same time span. Episode 2 is just a bit trickier to shoot and I have to do a lot of tests before I can plan the exact camera angles.

I had already started working out some camera angles for episode 3 (“The Ballerina”) in form of thumbnails on my train rides, so I did not have to start from scratch. But there was still a huge part missing. Especially how the camera will move and how the exact edit will look like. And the third act was missing completely.

I do not like to shoot in a “lets shoot the common camera angles and figure out the edit later”. But instead, I like to have the film edited in my head before the first shot will be captured.

Below you can see some of my tumbnails – this is the stage in which I do all the experimenting, the visual brain storming. Only after everything is figured out in form of these thumbnails I do the storyboards which are much cleaner and easier to transport an idea with.

thumbnail horror short film masked man by John Brito
thumbnail horror short film masked man by John Brito

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