Cute Undead Doodles

scary cute undead doodle by john Brito

I am currently using every free minute to finish the storyboard for episode 3 (The Ballerina) of my horror / science fiction / fantasy web series Shadows of Prey and I´ve given myself an assignment not to do anything else, neither to work on the online graphic novel nor The Wendigo Effect or any fairy creatures untill the storyboard has been done.
If you remember, I´ve already figured out all the camera angles in thumbnail sketches and now the fleshed out storyboard is being created to make it easier to understand for the crew.

It´s a bit hard, as there are so many things I´d like to do as well, but I´ve set myself the goal to finish two more frames on every train ride (which means 20 minutes per frame including sketch, ink, cleaning). So I should be finished with all the inks in 20 sessions (aka less shaky train rides).

In the meanwhile I will post doodles of undead cuties.
When I want to draw, but I´m just too dead tired to hold the ink pen straight, I´d let the pen do what it wants – and usually stuff like the sketches below is what comes out. And yes, I have done that some while before I gave myself the assigment to finish the storyboard 🙂

scary cute undead doodles by john Brito

2 responses to “Cute Undead Doodles

  1. First, awww, and undead things, other than some vamps, usually freak me out. So, maybe first is really, I like your art. 🙂 I like the ‘I’m so tired but I can’t put the pen down free association drawing’ your words conjure for me. I do that with pen and paper and words but it’s harder to freestyle for me with the keyboard. There is no playfulness in a QWERTY design.
    Second, I admire the goal you set for yourself. I was feeling depressed this morning as I got dressed because I have so many things I want to do swirling in my brain that I have overwhelmed myself and am nearing the place where I freeze up because I can’t focus on any one thing. It’s usually then that I self destruct, upend the board and mumble something to the effect of, “who cares anyway.”
    I’m trying to grow up, really I am. Reports of success vary. 🙂 You are a nice inspiration on how to do it better than I have managed so far. Looking forward to progress updates on how things are going. I have crossed my fingers for you.
    oh, btw…”I create worlds”…best.tagline.ever. 🙂 Happy Wednesday.


  2. Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂 Yes, it is hard to keep the focus, I know that to well 🙂 . And sometimes, if there a ton of things to do, the best thing is to start with small steps. Like, when I am drawing the storyboard two frames per train ride. It is sometimes draining, but at the end the task gets finished :))


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