Shadows Of Prey – EP 1 Is Online

horror short film online
It is finally done! The first episode of my horror / science fiction / fantasy web series Shadows of Prey is online!

I just created the youtube channel for the series which can be found at

Feel free to comment what you liked and what you disliked about The Cellar and please share the video link via social media 🙂

And for those who came here for the first time: Shadows of Prey is an anthology of (independent) short films which we shoot in our spare time with near to zero money, but with a ton of creative energy and a lot of sweat. Enjoy!

Want to know what is currently going on at web series? Check out the Shadows of Prey section! 🙂


14 responses to “Shadows Of Prey – EP 1 Is Online

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  2. It’s very polished, like TV show quality. The only thing I didn’t like was how short it is, but I understand a lot of time and effort have to go into making every frame. And the effort shows, every second is ‘rich’ with impressive detail, including the soundtrack. I like the opening very much too, but I’m most impressed that there is a twist in those few minutes.


    • Aaaargh! I clicked ‘Post Comment’ before realising I wrote about the ending, and spoiled it for your readers here who haven’t seen it. Please delete my last sentence from my comment above. I’m so sorry!


      • Thank you very much for the kind words, Halim. I´m glad you liked the short. And yes, it is indeed very short. :)) Some of my friends said that as well. But, well, there will be more episodes 🙂 Oh, and I´ve deleted the last sentence… I did not know, that I could do that in WordPress..


  3. Looks professional while avoiding looking glossy. Every shot obviously carefully considered. Rich with constant, heavy emotion. Suffering, fear and misery are not my personal favorite themes, but I still watched it four times!



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