Screening of The Cellar

The Cellar horror short film premiere
On Friday, September 26th, we screened The Cellar at the Weberknecht in Vienna.

Because of the short lenght of the film I was not sure whether to present the finished short film at all. I did not want to molest people by inviting them to a screening which was only five minutes long and I also did not have enough behind the scenes material to cut some kind of making of (that’s something I will take better care of next time).

But as several crew members kept asking me when the final short would be shown somewhere, I decided to go for it and arrange a limited screening of the short.

tickets for The Cellar horror short film premiere

tickets kept in a box of headache pills – I did not have anything else 🙂

We met at Weberknecht – if it were in Ireland you would call it a pub – whose owner seems to be a horror fan by the way: On every wall you can see horror and splatter paintings. And they even have an original sized Alien made of car parts. Also, the Weberknecht is known for its “Blood Theatre” sessions and goth clubbings, among others. So it was the perfect location for the screening of our short film.

The Cellar horror short film premiere

The lights went out, the beamer’s ventilation started to blow and the first seconds of The Cellar started to roll.

The Cellar horror short film premiere

Nobody talked. And I was watching the faces of my audience. Nobody moved a single muscle of the face. And my mind started…

Oh, man, what did I have in mind when I was writing this?
This is really sick shit.
They’re gonna think that there must be something wrong with me. I mean, this is really sick shit…Oh, I’ve already had that thought…

The Cellar horror short film premiere
The Cellar horror short film premiere

Then the credits rolled and I turned on the lights.

I was surprised that there were no boooh-shouts or something. The audience liked it. 🙂

The Cellar horror short film premiere

an alien partying at the premiere of The Cellar

2 responses to “Screening of The Cellar

  1. Reblogged this on idream3223 Fanfiction & Other Writing and commented:
    awesome that you did the screening! I totally understand that moment you mentioned where others are seeing what you dreamed up. I have the advantage of not being right THERE if someone wants to boo me… Though I don’t think that distance makes the booing feel better. You are brave! Congrats!! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for reblogging my post. That is such a great compliment, idream3223 🙂 And yes, it can be scary to see the reactions of the audience who is put in front of your work for the first time 🙂


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