When Nobody Else Believes In You

Set Godin

Seth Godin, image source: marketing-for-business.com

When you are chasing your dream, working your ass off day by day, when days turn into months and months turn into years one day you might get asked why you are not moving forward, why you are making no progression. Your best friends might loose their believe in you and your family might ask you why you are not rich already. Why does the world still not know your name? Why is none of your books or novels a bestseller yet? Why did you not win the Oscar already or why do you not own your own Skywalker Ranch yet (Skywalker Ranch is the workplace of film director George Lucas)?

This is tough. But the thoughest question people might ask you might sound like:

…so when did you plan to get rich – and untill when do you want to run after your silly dreams? Where is the point at which you will finally give up?

These questions won’t come in your teenage years, or your twenty-somethings. But they might come at your early thirties or mid fourties. People will ask you this when everybody else in your age will have their own house and a big car.

Basically, people will ask you for a deadline for your dreams. And they are asking this, because they do not see what you are seeing, they do not know your master plan.

You can tell them a bit about your plans – by doing so you are also re-committing to them. But what is more important than what you will answer is to be honest with yourself. These questions do not come from one day to another. They come after years of hard work. So you will have a long path lying behind you. And, if you have done your homework before, you will have your master plan already laid out. You will check back if you are still on track, if everything is moving forward according to your very own plan. And here comes the point were you have to be honest with yourself:

Can you realistically reach your goal? Do you have to adapt the master plan, or do you have to give it up all together?

If you do not believe, that you can reach your goal, then maybe you should let it be – or look for something else. Always choose the battles you can win!

But if you are on track – even with a delay – and if you believe in yourself then do not leave your path! And remember: Nothing worth working for will ever be reached easily. (And the next time people will aks you these questions you will know what to say.)

However your decision might be, you should decide it for yourself – you should not let other’s doubts and fears be your guide. Always be in control of your own destiny!

You see, I’m not telling you to run blindly into one direction – pushing your self confidence that much trough psychological tricks, that you loose sight of reality. But instead, I’m suggesting you to be a dreaming realist. And whatever your path might be, never let others discourage you with their doubts.

And at the end,

…it takes ten years to become an overnight success…


…it takes fiveteen years to fullfill a dream.

If I remember it right, these two sentences are credited to Seth Godin, a famous speaker and writer of many books about marketing and branding.

So without any further introduction, I’d like to give the word to the man himself, Seth Godin:

How do you thing about that? How does your environment react to your creative efforts? Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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