First Look At The Stalker

thriller short film character sketch for web series by John Brito

I have already written in an earlier post that I like to make some character sketches when I am working on a story – either in the script phase or the storyboard phase. If you are a returning reader you will already know that I am currently preparing the next episode of my horror / science fiction / fantasy web series called Shadows of Prey.

Below you can see some of the pages I drew to get a better understanding of the villain of episode 3, which is called The Ballerina. As I haven’t given him a name yet, I just call him “the Stalker“.

The way I envisioned him is wearing an old green army jacket, leather gloves with the fingers cut away and a polo-neck jumper.
He drives along in his old car at night, trough wet, neon-lit streets – looking for his prey. Or looking for what he calls “exercise”.

thriller short film character sketch for web series by John Brito

While I was drawing these little sketches on the train, I was listening to Mega Drive’s “Digital Ghost”, which – for me – set the perfect mood for his nightly hunts.

And although we will use a different kind of music in the episode, together with another song called “Converter”, I had found the perfect soundscape for his barely controlled anger. I just love how the hyper compressed sound starts at 0:21.

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