Creating A 3D Forest

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the company I work for was asked to create an animation in a dark forest.

Below you can see what the forest looked like in a so-called billboard banner which measures 970 by 250 pixels…

3d forest visual effects

and a sitebar-XL banner (a sitebar XL occupies all the space that is left at the right side of the content, therefore I let the forest fade to black).

3d forest visual effects

We were not allowed to show violence or a real fight and therefore I went for a cartoony kind of dust cloud with swirls, swooshes and debris flying around.


The client was really happy with the result (Just remember: I had less than one day to complete this!) and asked if we could do the winning hero (not shown here) who walks out of the dust cloud in 3D as well. I would have loved to do so, but such an animation wasn’t within the budget. Well – maybe next time. 🙂

4 responses to “Creating A 3D Forest

      • Thank you very much, idream3223, you are giving me too much credit 🙂
        The images above were created in 3D. I like to do some 3D now and then, because it is fascinating what you can do with the technology – if the learning process just weren´t so long.
        But whatever I do, I guess that I´ll always stick to my pens and sketchbooks, just because it feels somehow different doing something on real paper. And I think that the trick is not to think very much about what you are doing and do something as often as possible.
        There is an artist called Felix Scheinberger for example (I think he is from Germany). He doesn´t seem to care about things like proportions or anatomy, he just draws he way he “feels it” and lets the pen guide his hand. And if his drawing is off (which is often the case), then it is ok for him – the images look great. I admire his style and freedom he gives himself in his drawings. And I think that is what it is all about: Creating the stuff you like with the tools/skills you have – and doing it often. And what will come out is something that is uniquely yours 🙂

        Update: You see some of Felix Scheinberger´s images here:


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