Leaving The Foxhole

fox hole

image source: womanabouttown.areavoices.com

There are people who need ever recuring schemes to function the best – and others who feel very miserable when things are the same for a longer period of time.

People from the first category need the security that is given by predefined paths. Doing something in a different way than they did before causes a lot of stress. The other group of people needs exactly that: Change.

I am currently reorganizing some aspects of my life which I will write about here on this blog as soon as they have manifested.

Among these things is giving up my subterranean working place and looking for a place in a shared office in the region where I live. The lack of fresh air in the shared storage space I used to annex turned out to be a bit more incommodious than I realized at first. Feeling dizzy and getting sleepy very often is not as funny as back in the days when I was 15 years younger and was having fun at a college party. 🙂

I will be visiting a shared office which will open its gates for new tenants in March. I really hope to get a spot there, because it is financially supported by the government in order to help new entrepreneurs – and therefore is promised to be rather affordable. As I am not an entrepreneur I am not sure how good my chances are to get into this programme – but I have nothing to loose. And if they turn me down I will find something (inexpensive) somewhere else.

Where do you work on your personal projects? Do you have a room reserved for your work where you life or do you work in a studio? Feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

2 responses to “Leaving The Foxhole

  1. Projects I do on the pool table in the basement. My writing I do in the spare bedroom, but I need a lock on the door. Too many interruptions. I work best with lots of windows that allow the sun to come in


    • Being able to close the door is really important. It´s not ignoring the rest of the family, but being able to focus on the task lying ahead and getting things done. You have a pool table in the basement? That´s cool 🙂


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