Critters Beneath The Floor

story outline for children´s book by John Brito

I moved into the office working place two weeks ago and I still haven’t fully settled down. Nonetheless I have already laid out the main story elements for my first children’s book. 🙂

In the initial story outline I envisioned a little boy sitting at the table with his parents having dinner. He suddenly noticed something furry running quickly across the kitchen floor. The parents told the boy to sit still, not believing him that there was a little critter running around in the kitchen.

Surely the little creature had grabbed some of the vegetables from the bowl in which the family kept the biological waste. If the boy could only find out where the critter had come from!

story outline for children´s book by John Brito

The next day the boy asked for some fruit juice – the red, sticky one! His mother was very proud of him when he asked if he could put the empty glass into the sink in the kitchen. But what the mother did not know was that the boy had left a bit of the juice in the glass and spilled it nearby the bowl with the biological waste.

After the dinner the boy went immediately to wash his hands without protesting. And while his parents were cleaning the desk the boy carefully inspected the kitchen floor. And there it was! The creature had stepped onto the spilled juice and had unintentionally left a track of little foot steps!

The track led across the living room, across the long anteroom an into the storage room where it suddenly ended!

The boy then discovered a miniature village below the wooden floor, inhabited by furred and friendly kobolds (something lite sprites) who – among other things – ate the vegetables and fruits they found in the biological waste bowl. But exactly this main food source was cut off when the boy’s mother decided not to collect the biological waste separately any more.

The colony of critters was afraid that they would have to starve and so the little boy offered his parents to take care of the biological waste himself – by bringing the biological waste to the container in their garden (giving him the possibiliy to steal food for his new little friends).

story outline for children´s book by John Brito

At this point I want to thank my friend, the illustrator and comic artist Walter Fröhlich, for his input and feedback while I was writing the first draft. 🙂

I thing that the story would work very well for three to five year old children, but I somehow felt that I wanted to write something a little bit more action oriented and therefore worked out another story for older kids.

So stay tuned to see how the story evolved🙂

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