An Empty Space To Write My First Children´s Book

writer´s desk

Some weeks ago I heard of an new shared office project that was coming up in the town I live in. It was perfect because I would not have to travel by train to get there so I would not loose so much time any more!

Actually, when I heard of this new shared office project it just had been announced. The office had not been fully set up yet, there was neither infrastructure nor furniture.

Nonetheless, I mailed and called the initiators of this project several times, asking them if I could rent a space although the place had not been officially “opened” yet. I tried to convince them that I could bring my own table and use it temporarily. This was really important for me, because there was a two week holiday at university and I wanted to get the story and thumbnails for my first children´s book, Below the Floor, nailed. (I guess that I must have been a real pain in the ass…)
Fortunately the organizer was really supportive and pushed everything so I could use the space even though the shared office project had not been officially initiated yet.

As you can see on the photos below there is nothing else in this room apart from my desk. And yes, I finished the first draft for my children´s story and managed to draw all the thumbnails for my illustrations! Working in an empty space has the advantage that you do not get distracted so easily 🙂

writer´s desk
writer´s desk

Update: As I wrote above, I moved in some weeks ago. In the meantime, they have also set up a scanner/printer as well as the WLAN connection. Yeah!


Coming up next… right out of my sketchbook: The first illustration for my fantasy children´s book Below the Floor.

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