The Caterpillar Metro

caterpillar creature illustration from children´s fantasy book story by John Brito

Besides learning for the exams at university I am working on the designs for the characters of Below the Floor, my fantasy children´s book.
Actually I haven´t found a better name for the story yet so I will stick to it for the moment. 🙂

One of the characters is a caterpillar which lives and works in the sewers of a big city. But the caterpillar does not see itself as a bug. It is a transportation company bringing passengers from one end of the city to another! And it takes care that its clients don´t get robbed or eaten by the so called “Schlammschrate” (This is the german name I will give a thieving and predatory horde of sewer creatures. I think that I will call them mud skrats or something in the english version.)

Below are the first sketches for the sewer caterpillar in two different colour schemes.
Note the little transportation cage it has bound onto its back between the caterpillar´s antlers. This cage is where its clients sit during their ride. And the antlers you can see in the upper caterpillar are the reason why the mud skrats usually do not attack these multi feet transportation service.

caterpillar creature illustration from children´s fantasy book story by John Brito

Feel free to comment this little bug in the comments below!

10 responses to “The Caterpillar Metro

  1. Love the creature – can see it crawling in the sewers already! How does the passengers’ cabin move when the caterpillar decides to go upside down, up a wall, and so on? Does it rotate?


  2. Hi Sebastian, please excuse my late reply 🙂 Thank you, I´m glad you like it. Actually, the cabin does not change it´s position. I though that it would be cool if the caterpillar just changed directions, crawling up and down, crawling over-head, and the passengers fell from one end from the cabin to the other. Like on some kind of slow-motion-rollercoaster ride 🙂 That´s why the caterpillar metro service executive (or simply: “the caterpillar”) tells it passangers to hold tight :)))


  3. Hello, John Brito, we noticed that you took the trouble to “like” our snippet of conversation with Marc Davis, presented this month, and we arrive at your site and can now see why. A fine effort here, it’s a pleasure to visit a site with such creativity and generosity and tasteful presentation.

    Incidentally, we think the title “Below the Floor” is more than okay, if no one’s used it already, but the alternative of “Beneath the Floor” might be considered. “Beneath” is a good word for vocabulary too, it’s generally learnt after word “below.” So maybe “beneath” would make your book “less commercial.” We’re joking.

    We are interested in children’s books here, particularly of the illustrated variety, And you’ve probably noticed that we like films also! So your efforts are right up our street of interest. Have a great time creating and publishing, as you clearly are having fun already. Drop us a line if we might be of some assistance to you, but you seem to have everything well under control, including a positive work ethic.

    Mr. Davis’ will be our sole feature with an animator, for the run of our “Sounding” series of dialogue features, but we’re especially pleased that you caught it passing by. Marc is no longer with us, but was a good and amiable gentleman, we were fond of him.

    Good health and good fortune!


    • Thank you very much for your kind words. And another person also told me, that “beneath the floor” sounds better than “below the floor”… Well, I guess that I think about it 🙂 And I think as well that books and films are a very interesting combination. Oh, and I just wanted to check you website again, but it seems to be down or something. It´s a protected blog now. (?)


      • Nice of you to notice our site’s recent changes, John, thank you!

        Yes, we HAVE voluntarily made private, for the time being, all prior “Sounding” postings, dating to 2013.

        And each “Sounding” for the remainder of 2015 will be posted for only that month, so catch them as they go by!

        We hope to soon re-post, probably during 2016, our prior “Soundings,” perhaps via a PASSWORD. We’ll let you know what is the deal, if/when it occurs.

        To whet ongoing interest, here is the monthly schedule of the four “Sounding” conversations which conclude our series: Edward Anhalt; C.O. “Doc” Erickson; Haskell Wexler and Robert Wise.


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