Ever Seen a Mud-Skrat?

awesome fantasy children´s book illustration

Have you ever seen a mud skrat? As long as you are not as tiny as a hamster or a small rabbit there might not be very much for you to fear about these critters. But if you are as small as a Wan Tau, a harmless little critter which usually lives in a small village below your storeroom’s floor, then you have a serious problem when you face one of these mud skrats.

Mud skrats (german: Schlammschrat) are not much bigger than a rat standing on its hind legs and populate the sewers below the city in hoards. They are carnivore scavengers, robbing careless travellers who want to take a shortcut through the sewers… and occasionally eating them.

artist´s note on fantasy character

notes about the mud skrat

awesome fantasy children´s book illustration

The mud skrats are one of the tribes Leto faces on his adventurous journey – they both live between the pages of my fantasy children’s book called Below the Floor. I think that I will colour some of the illustrations as well as I will leave some of them in their initial pen-and-ink-style, depending on the mood of the scene.

Tell me what you think about this little critter! Leave a comment below! 🙂

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