Studio Upgrade

My working place does not look so empty any more. Two weeks ago some workers came and brought tables and chests of drawers – enough for four persons to work in this shared space. If you are a returning visitor you might already know that I have rented a place in a shared office. But to date I am the only tenant here so I´m able to work pretty uninterrupted on my projects.

artist´s working place

I am really happy that they brought the tables and I have already set up my machine. But I am not using it at the moment as…

artist´s working place
artist´s working place drawing table

…I am working full steam on my children´s fairy tale. Below you can see one of the black and white drawings – right out of my sketchbook! It depicts a Wan Tau character who is called Gordo Vego. It looks a bit dead in black and white but once this image has been coloured it will look really sweet 🙂

illistrated fantasy children´s book fairy tale by John Brito
illistrated fantasy children´s book fairy tale by John Brito

2 responses to “Studio Upgrade

  1. What a great workspace, must be much better now its not so empty. Looks like a nice bright & spacious room as well. Great art on your children’s fairy tale story, looks really good!


    • Thank you very much, Paul! I´m glad you like my little critter 🙂 There is still a long way to go with this fairy tale book, but I´m climbing the hill one illustration after another. And yes, I´m really happy with my new working place. Finally fresh air (compared to the window-less cellar I used to work in) 🙂

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