Evolution of a Fairy – II

After I had defined the main characteristics of Leto, the little hero of my fairy tale Below the Floor, I tried different versions of the nose and eyes. I knew now that I wanted the eyes not to get too big, as I did not want to create a look that would be modern now but would be old-fashioned in 15 years. I wanted to create something that looked a bit more naturalistic – something that looked like it could really exist… out there …somewhere.

fairy tale character out of sketchbook by John Brito

As I was not very pleased with the results I did something that I usually do when I am stuck: I switched tasks. So I worked on the overall physiognomy, the proportions, of Leto and the Wan Tau in general.

fairy tale character out of sketchbook by John Brito

Then I went back to Leto´s face and – voilá – there I had Leto´s first real portrait, which is the face on the left page with the exclamation mark. Leto has some quite realistic eyes, really big ears (as a good sense of hearing is mandatory for the Wan Taus´ survival) and I changed the nose. Initally I wanted to give him the nose of an otter, but this did not work well with the rest of his features, so I went for a more classic nose. Maybe I will use the idea for another character in another story

fairy tale character out of sketchbook by John Brito

So after I knew what Leto looked like I needed to design his clothes. Stay tuned for the next blog post to get a glimpse of how the Wan Taus’ culture affects their way of clothing!

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