The Eightlings – Tiny Fairies

The smallest race in the fairy tale Below the Floor?

That´s easy… the eightlings!

Those fellows are 1/8th the size of a grown up Wan Tau and usually live near Knautbold hives. Sometimes it is useful to have them around… other times not so much. Oh, and they are not (only) called eightlings because of their size, but because they always appear in pairs. And two eightlings have eight legs together. I do not want to spoil too much, so I´ll leave you with a picture from them 🙂

fairy tale creature illustration by John E. Brito
fairy tale creature illustration by John E. Brito

I have to admit that creating my first book has been tougher than I initially thought that it would be, but I try to avoid all those creative saboteurs which usually haunt us. …and I´am happy everytime I can make another cross on my illustrations-to-do-list which you can see below.

master plan for a fairy tale childrenb´s book

I started this list because one day I realized that I did not have a sense of how I was doing so I made this to keep track of the illustration steps which still lie ahead  – and to keep me focused.

Every box stands for one illustration step like pencils, inks, colours and scanning as you can see in the picture below (of course there are other tasks involved in the creation of a fairy tale book, but you got to do one task after the other, right?). And as this list is always lying in front of me it reminds me constantly that loosing my focus or being too lazy or too tired to finish my day´s work for just 2 to 4 hours would cost me 2 boxes. 🙂

creating a children´s book

What do you think about these little critters? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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