At The Vienna Comic Con 2015

I visited the Vienna Comic Con this weekend and I was overwhelmed. Being surrounded by hundreds of people who share the same passion for science fiction, Star Wars, fantasy, comics and graphic novels just felt like home. Some of my friends went there in full costume and it was just awesome. 🙂

Below are some impressions from the Vienna Comic Con 2015. Please excuse the poor picture quality. Actually, I just wanted to find some marketing people from some of the exhibiting companies and I had not planned to take photos, so I went without a camera and took the pictures with my smartphone.

Jan Woletz, a friend of mine, put me on the guest list for the Saturday night premiere screening of his fantasy western tv series pilot called Wienerland. It was really awesome to finally see the first episode. And since the piture quality is not doing it justice you can see the (second) Wienerland trailer below.

Wienerland fantasy western pilot screening at Vienna Comic Con 2015

On Sunday, the entrance section of the Comic Con was not as crowded as I had suspected, which was a good thing.

Vienna Comic Con 2015

After being checked I was greeted by tie fighter pilots, tusken raiders, stormtroopers…

Star Wars Tie Fighter pilot at Vienna Comic Con 2015

Star wars stormtrooper at Vienna Comic Con 2015

Star Wars Tusken Raider at Vienna Comic Con 2015

…and a tie fighter.

Tie fighter at Vienna Comic Con 2015

Searching for the film distribution company Constantin Film I suddenly found this…

Knight Rider K.I.T.T. at Vienna Comic Con 2015

K.I.T.T., is it really you?

Rouhh, roughhh

K.I.T.T !!

Knight Rider K.I.T.T. at Vienna Comic Con 2015

Rough, roughh.

The Comic Con website indicates that this is one of the original K.I.T.T.s from the 80ies tv series. The seven year old boy inside me does not want to investigate any further. This is K.I.T.T! 🙂

Knight Rider K.I.T.T. at Vienna Comic Con 2015

Then, around the next corner, was Walter Fröhlich, one of my buddies. He had been invited to promote his new book called Blue Jeans, based on the life of the Austrian celebrity Hermes Phettberg.


Walter, I’m gonna take a photograph. Take one of your comic books. Which is your favourite one?

Hm, I love them all.

Ok, which is your favourite one at the moment?

I guess this one.

Walter takes out his comic Blue Jeans.

Ok, now you have to show your teeth, show me your teeth, Walter!

John, what? Why?

Man, you have to smile showing your teeth, every brand building book says that! When you smile you have to show your white!

Walter gave me this what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about-look. 🙂

Naaa, John, but I don’t want to. That’s the way I always smile.

After a long time of my pestering him he finally gave up 🙂


There also were tons of toys and cool cosplayers at the Comic Con. Below you can see some snapshots.

Vienna Comic Con 2015

I wanna have one of these.

figures at Vienna Comic Con 2015

Vienna Comic Con 2015

beautiful cosplayer at Vienna Comic Con 2015

the Sompsons cosplayer at the Vienna Comic Con 2015

Assasins Creed at Vienna Comic Con 2015

And below you can see the most expensive bottle of water I have ever bought:  3,40 €.

I believe it has Pandora flying rocks waterfall water in it. 🙂


I also met some really cool sculptors.

Like Domo Wasaki, who creates twisted, nightmarish sculptues that look as if H.R. Giger met Tim Burton and they made a baby together on planet LV-426.

sculptor at Vienna Comic Con 2015

And I met a creative brother, Jan Ondrak. He creates beautifully detailed sculpts of heroes and monsters. But what really captured my eye was the little fella he is holding in his hand in the picture below:

sculptor at Vienna Comic Con 2015

I just love this little sculpture. The little mouse in medieval armour looks like it origins from a cousin tribe of the Knautbolds, who fight to defend the Wan Tau in Below the Floor.

And then I saw Jan’s forrest creature, which looks like this:

creature sculpture at Vienna Comic Con 2015

We had never met before, nevertheless our waking dreams are populated by similar critters. Just in case you are wondering now; below is a picture of my Phran:


Cool, right?

You should definitely check out the websites of these two artists. 🙂


As I wrote in the beginning, it was not my plan to take a lot of pictures – actually any pictures at all, so here you can see some impressions videographed by YouGameTv:

Has anyone of you been at the Vienna Comic Con 2015? What were your impressions? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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