Beta-Reading Below the Floor

I sent out my manuscript of the fairytale story Below the Floor to some of my friends and asked them to give me honest feedback. Apart from me trusting them, they all write themselves/have a background in scriptwriting, or have children of the right age, or both.

manuscript of the children's book fantasy fairytale Below the Floor by John E. Brito

I was surprised that what they had to say after having read it was not as terrible as I had thought it would be. There were some points in the story I will definitely consider polishing or re-writing, and it was a great experience to see how other people see and understand the story; what others – being confronted with it for the first time – see in it. And how certain characters are perceived.

So I want to give a big thank you to Jim, Angelika, Ingo, Nemesis, Ronny, Nadine and Julie. I am still awaiting feedback from other friends, though. 🙂

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