A Kobold in the Kitchen

fairy creature from a children's book running, by John E. Brito

While I am still polishing and rewriting some parts of my fairytale, after having gotten some very valuable feedback from my beta-readers, I thought that I could post a “before” and “after” image of a picture sequence I had in mind from the very beginning.

As a returning reader you might know that in a very early stage of developing the story, I thought of this little furry creature scurrying around the kitchen, looking for something to eat and climbing up a kitchen table. It tries to get to the organic waste and unfortunately falls to the ground.

early concepts for fantasy children´s story by John Brito

the hero critter stealing some vegetables from the humans´ kitchen

So here is the final illustration, featuring Leto, the hero of our little story (I didn’t know his name back then, though). As all the other illustrations in the book, I have painted it in one of my sketchbooks with pen and ink and watercolours.

fantasy children's book illustration depicting a fairy creature kobold by John E. Brito

Wondering what it might look like in the finished book? Maybe like this:

fantasy fairytale book by John E. Brito

Donatello checking out the prototype print of Below the Floor.

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