Script Consulting Below the Floor

As a returning reader you might know that I am pretty far down the road with my first children’s book, Below the Floor. I have incorporated most of the feedback from my beta readers, and I also left some points untouched. I guess that you have to have a feeling for the things that should be improved and those that are immanent to your story and therefore should remain unchanged. 🙂

Earlier this week, I had my first session with film theorist and script consultant Ip Wischin. I asked him to give my story a check. Meaning, I wanted to know if there were any severe weaknesses or plot holes that I had overseen and that I needed to take care of.

Ip, also known as Ippolit Wischinsky, revises movie scripts and gives suggestions. As I had planned to work with him on a movie project one day, I thought, why wait when there is another project at hand right know. Of course, film language differs from the way stories are told in literature, but I believe that there are many concepts that transfer well from one medium to the other. And having another point of view is never a bad thing. 🙂

Why am I doing this? I think that if you put something out there, you should try to deliver the best work possible (without taking forever). Which in this case means editing.

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