Micro Story 06 – The Forest

ultra short scary story by John E. Brito, illustrated with pen and ink

Edgar stepped to the desk of the small gas station. It smelled as if the windows had not been opened for ages. “Eeh, it stinks!” little Nathan held his nose with both hands.

“Nate!” Edgar gave his son a sign to shut up. “Go to Lisa and stay with her. Do not touch anything, ok?” Lisa was inspecting some dated magazines.

“If you touch one of these, you will have to buy it!” the filling station attendant, a thin, middle-aged man, shouted over to Lisa. She immediately put her hands on her back.

“Excuse me Sir,” Edgar said to the attendant.

“Sir? Who you think you are talking to? I work hard for my money!” the attendant answered. The label on his chest said WATES.

“Excuse me,” Edgar tried it again. “Can you tell me where the Paterson property is? I thought it should be here somewhere.” Wates gave Edgar a strange look. “My grandaunt bequeathed me her cottage. I am here to get some documents.” Edgar explained.

“Across the road. The path leads to old Em’ Paterson`s house.”

“Thank you very much, S.. ehm, thank you. Children, come on.” Edgar looked to Nathan and Lisa, opening the door.

“I wouldn´t do that if I were you. That`s a mistake, cityman.” Wates said.

“What are you talking about?” Edgar wanted to know.

“You stay here. The kids can go.” Wates answered.

“There is no way I would let my children walk alone through this forest.” Edgar said.
“The children have nothing to fear in old Em´s damn forrest. With adults, well, that´s something else.” Wates insisted.

“Lisa, Nathan, let´s get our backpacks and have a look at grandaunt Emma`s house.” Edgar told his children and pushed them through the door.

“But the man said…” Nathan replied.

“Don´t care about that. We will talk about him later, ok? Now go to the car…” Edgar insisted.

They left Wates in his stinky gas station. He looked down to the floor. An old dog was lying next to his feet. “What you think? You can´t say that I didn`t warn them, right?”

ultra short scary story by John E. Brito, illustrated with pen and ink

Sorry for being late with this one. What do you think would happen in grandaunt Em`s forest? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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