New Working Space

Sorry for being late again with the new blog post. Life and work has been very busy the last weeks. Apart from working on a big animation gig, I am trying to tackle down the distribution channels for my illustrated fantasy book, Below the Floor, and I am working on a young adult story – but more about this in later posts 🙂

Oh, and I am moving into a new working space. The overall conditions are better here, I just have to wait until the plumber has fixed a problem with the plumbing before I can finally move in.



The room is still empty, but I think it will look cool once my drawing tables and the shelves for the action figures are inside. 🙂


I think I will buy a couch, too. In the last office, when I was dead tired, I slept for 30 minutes or something in my office chair. I can really not recommnd this.  🙂

13 responses to “New Working Space

    • Thank you very much for your idea, Marie. 🙂 I once had a cactus, I really liked him, because he was spiky and nearly indestructibly (because I always forgott to water it). Other plants do not life very long in my offices or apartments 😦


  1. Looks like a nice new office, good layout as well. A comfy couch, a few plants, and a picture on the wall maybe, you’ll soon feel right as home in your new creative space 🙂


  2. This looks like a nice living, I mean.. working space you have here. Yes I think it will look really good once you have a comfy couch, some artwork to hang on the walls and your lovely collection of figures to put up there.


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