Misty Innsbruck

Publishing your own book is a lot of work. As you move on, you keep encountering new hurdles on a weekly basis.

Like: There was something wrong with your registration for your United States tax identification number and so you have to find the mistake and hand in all the forms again (which means waiting for another four weeks). Or, you find out, that if you want to sell your book via Amazon to readers in Germany and accept Amazon`s offer to use their extended inner European network, you need to register for a tax identification number in Poland and the Czech republic. Apart from getting a tax ID for Germany. And this list goes on and on. 🙂

misty mountains in Austria

So I thought, if I want to publish my fantasy children`s book Below the Floor, it would be a good idea to attend to a seminar about doing eCommerce (via Amazon), held by the Chamber of Commerce of Tyrol. The seminar took place in Innsbruck, which is four hours away from Vienna, if you go by train.

misty mountains in Austria

I hate driving cars. You have to be really careful that you do not run over pedestrians, dogs, cats, rabbits (there are lots of rabbits once you leave the city of Vienna and drive through Lower Austria), or crash into other cars or trees. That`s why I like trains. You can just sit down, read, or look up to the sky – with its misty mountains like the ones near Salzburg and Innsbruck. I only had my cellphone with me, as I usually pack as little as possible. So you have to excuse the quality of the pictures. But the view on the ride to Innsbruck was breathtaking.

misty mountains in Austria

misty mountains in Austria

Well, once I arrived in Innsbruck, I had a quick meal and looked for the building of the Chamber of Commerce. The seminar was really interesting, though it was not the place to dig very deep into the inner workings of Amazon. But the two lecturers offered a lot of links to additional resources and visiting the seminar really paid off just because of a single bit of information they gave us as a side note. But more about that in one of my later posts. 🙂

misty mountains in Innsbruck

Misty mountains near Innsbruck

Oh, and again, please excuse that I am so late with my blog post. My company is running at full steam at the moment (I do animations for advertising agencies and multimedia companies). And the gig I am currently working on is really cool, but it also has an insane workload.

By the way: I just watched the trailer for Luc Besson`s new sci-fi movie, Valerian, and it looks awesome! Who else is pumped to watch it? 🙂

…So, now back to work. 🙂

4 responses to “Misty Innsbruck

  1. Well I looked into publishing with KDP a while back, and my once flowing creative juices were suddenly frozen due to all the legal twosh (I know it isn’t strictly a word but it fits so well). I had the feeling that given my unusually short attention span and my busy life, this may not be a good avenue to proceed down. Good luck to you though, and I hope no more hurles at least in the short term. 😊


    • Sorry, that it took so long to reply to your comment. As I mentioned in my last post, I was overwhelmed with work stuff, so I could not check my blog. 😦
      But you are right, it is a ton of work getting your book published. It took me two or three weeks to get behind the regulations and costs of working with Amazon and I am still stumbling over new stuff every month. Not to speak of the legal regulations you have to deal with, if you are selling to a German audience. The eCommerce laws are – well…. I do not know of any other word than “fierce” to describe it. 🙂
      But I think, the best thing is pushing trhough it and hoping that everything will be fine at the end.
      And hey, I hope, that you, one day, can publish your story as well. I wish you the best!

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      • Thanks for the reply. Yes they certainly don’t make it easy, making me think often that traditional publishing might actually be an easier option. That’s if you’re lucky enough to get published at all. So maybe I’ll just throw some work around on social media and get a few likes (hopefully) and hope for the best. Thank you, and I wish you the same in return.


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