Below the Floor is available at Bücherturm

Things have been going really fast since I released my first fantasy children’s book Below the Floor (or: “Das Dorf unter dem Fußboden” as it is released in German).

One day, I was driving with Guenther, a colleague of mine, to a client (we worked together on this animation project for a museum, he owns a multimedia company). We were talking about different projects and I mentioned that I was working on a book. Then, the conversation went like this:

Guenther asked: “A book, really?”

Me: “Yes, it´s a children’s book. With little kobolds living below the floor.”

Guenther: “How does it come you´ve written a book?”

Me: “Well, I just had the idea and I wrote a story that my 8-year old self would have loved.”

Guenther: “Hm, that´s interesting… I also own a bookstore, you know?”

Bam. What a surprise. You have to know, Guenther´s company, 7reasons, creates the infrastructure, lighting, displays and the like for exhibitions (he worked on the Star Wars Identities exhibition, which was really awesome by the way). His company also does 3D tracking, 3D animations and visual reconstructions of archaeological sites – nothing I would have related to books. 😉

So he asked if he could see the book.

He seemed to like it and now, several months later, my book is available at Bücherturm! Yeah 😀

Das Dorf unter dem Fußboden erhältlich beim Bücherturm in Absdorf, NÖ.

In case you live in Lower Austria and would like to visit the bookstore, here is the address:


Hauptplatz 11

A-3462 Absdorf


phone: +43(0)2278 28034


Das Dorf unter dem Fußboden erhältlich beim Bücherturm in Absdorf, NÖ.

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