Corona – We Will Get Trough This

I do not have to tell you how our current situation is. You know how the situation is.

Empty streets, staying at home, quarantine. But we are doing this for our older ones. For our parents. Our grandparents. Our aunts and uncles. For the old nice neighbour who never forgot our birthday.

Beds in hospitals

We are staying at home, reducing contacts as much as possible. Why? Because we are flattening the infection curve. We are working on getting less infections within the same time frame. And what for? That way we make room in our hospitals for those who need them the most. For those who are older or those who have health issues and get hit harder by Corona.

Corona, everything will be fine

Corona, Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Being infected without having symptoms

And yes, this masks people wear at the super markets look stupid. But we do not wear them to protect ourselves, but to not infect others. A Corona test in Iceland indicates, that 50% of the infected do not show symptoms. Even, if 50% is not accurate, it means that some of us could have (or could have had) Corona and do not even know it, because the body coped with it by itself.

Those who have to get out

Please be nice to the workers. Those who keep the systems runnung for us. The nurses, the postmen, the cashier, the garbage men, the ambulance people, those who restock the shelves at the super market. They have to get outside, while we can stay at home. Respect their health, make a distance between you and them. 🙂

After Corona

We are in this together. And we will get through this. Not at Austrians, Germans, Amercicans, Chinese, British or Italians, but as a planet. And things will get better.

Will there be other corona waves? Probably.

Will we get through this? Yes.


And in the world after Corona, just imagine, how refreshing this cup of coffee at your local café will be. How delicious this cake, sitting at your favourite table, will taste. How meeting with our families and loved ones will be much more, again, than an appointment in your e-calendar.


Please share this post with your friends.

Everything will be fine. 🙂


2 responses to “Corona – We Will Get Trough This

  1. Corona is extremely serious. As I write this, over 50000 corona-related deaths have been recorded in only three months, and the response of various governments has been to spend billions of tax-payers’ yuan, dollars, and euros to save lives, and trillions to save companies and their boards’ livelihoods. Assuming that the crisis has barely begun, it is probably safe to guess that tax-payers will be feeling the cost of this expenditure, in the form of increased payments to governments, for decades to come.

    Perhaps when we have finished spending this money to save our fellow citizens and, apparently more-importantly, our profit-making organisations, we will give a fleeting thought to the circa 25000 lives lost to starvation and malnutrition every day, which currently expire prematurely after prolonged suffering without a murmur from “developed” societies. In the time taken to read this far, about 5 people have died of hunger. Corona numbers are, at the time of writing, rookie numbers.

    One counterpoint to this is that, until approximately the last century, hunger and illness kept populations balanced with resources. Perhaps those 25000 people should be allowed to die each day since they are living in societies that do not have the natural or financial (or both) resources to sustain them. That is certainly the cheaper option. Some societies can afford to save some of their people, and those that cannot must accept the emotionless consequences of supply and demand. In all truthfulness, it really is nothing personal; it’s just economics.

    As the Brits would say, “I’m alright, Jack.” And why not? If your people are starving, hand out condoms, not grains of rice.


    • Thank you for your comment, Tan. I think you are right, we have a lot of problems on this planet and the current situation shows us how connected we are and how small our planet really is. Maybe we will learn to take care of each others, as a global community, through this. That this will be a long road is undeniable, though.


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