Horror Short Film Backstory – Where The Stalker Lives

horror short film web series backstory

Below are two pages from one of my sketchbooks on which I wrote down some of the backstory about the villain of episode 3 (The Ballerina) of my horror / science fiction / fantasy web series Shadows of Prey.

I imagined the Stalker occupying an abandoned building in a suburb. The house with its leaking roof and washed out colours reflects his dead soul. The windows are nailed up, thus symbolising that he is trapped in his own prison.

horror short film web series backstory

I won’t show anything of this in the episode, but it is important for me to know who the Stalker is – because at the end, he is not what you would think he is.


And what about those blue creatures at the left page? In his nightmares, the Stalker is haunted by pale blue wolf demons with fiercely glowing eyes. They symbolise the hidden world which we will only get a short glimpse of in the episode.

horror short film web series backstory

2 responses to “Horror Short Film Backstory – Where The Stalker Lives

  1. Happy New Year John! I dig the symbolism of the washed out boarded up house for the characters self made prison of the mind! Great Stuff! By the way, I like the way you use the splash effect of the watercolor on your artwork! It’s like a splash of blue blood from the wolf. Keep exploring you’re creative side…it is inspiring to me as an fellow artist!


    • Thank you very much, RJ. I´m glad you like it 🙂 there are some other pages, but I do not want to spoil too much from the episode 🙂 Oh, and I hope your will be going well in 2015!


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