Shadows of Prey – A Web Series

Shadows of Prey -  a creepy and fantastic web series

Shadows of Prey is an anthology of creepy and phantastic short stories situated in the genres horror, science fiction and fantasy.

The episodes of Shadows of Prey will be about 2 to 8 minutes long and I am producing them as near-to-zero-budget short films. We might not have a big studio behind us, or the coolest equipment, but on the other side – who does? 🙂

I set myself some restrictions for this webseries – some are rough production guidelines which shall keep my episodes produceable, others are intentioned to serve as a leitmotif. Below are some of these guidelines:

  • Everything has to be shot in camera, no set extensions, no VFX – just make up effects and special effects (if needed)
  • No 3D effects (my other project, the animated science fiction short film Echoes, has a ton of 3D stuff so I’ll keep that for this project)
  • I will allow myself only 2 weekends of shooting per episode, having a total of 4 shooting days (I know, others manage to shoot a whole film in 15 days, but hey… gimme time 🙂
  • No animal cruelty, no rapings, no child abuse
  • All stories will be either creepy or phantastic, or both.

I am making the best of what I have and I have the pleasure to shoot with a very dedicated crew. Many of them are friends of mine which whom I’ve worked together on guerilla no budget films before. But there are also new people joining us – people who found me via facebook for example.

What we all have in common is the strong will to create stuff and to get get better in what we do.

There will be approximately 7 to 8 episodes which will be published for free on youtube, so stay tuned!
And if you haven’t read it yet, here is a collection of posts about the creation of the first episode which is called “The Cellar“, so check it out 🙂

(The image in the header is actually a still from the first episode.)

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